Adrian Belmes

Adrian Belmes is an author, editor, and book artist. He writes poetry, makes books, and compiles zines.

He is the editor in chief of Badlung Press, a micro-press of trauma, publishing chapbooks, artist books, and zines. He is a senior editor at Fiction International. He is also the vice president of State Zine Collective and the editor in chief of The Koala Newspaper at SDSU. His work has been published in X-R-A-Y, honey & lime, Philosophical Idiot, SOFT CARTEL, and others.

Adrian is a trans, gay, Jewish man born in Odessa, Ukraine. Currently, he resides in San Diego, where he is completing a B.A. in English at San Diego State University.

He can be found @adrian_belmes and encourages you to bother him, frequently.