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. . . on the internet. The old joke is more true now than ever. The anonymity of the web has been perhaps one of the most consequential forces to influence the new millennium. From shitposting on image boards to catfishing an internet boyfriend to the spawning of legitimate international terrorist activity, the scope cannot be contained. Badlung Press invites your documentation of interlopement with the obfuscated face of the web, your identity in the marginalia, your criminal anonymity, and the secrecies of others.

We promise not to track your IP.

Submission Guidelines

Poetry: 1 to 4 poems of any length or style. Please send all poems in one .doc or .docx, starting each poem on a new page.

Fiction: No longer than 1,200 words. Please send your work as a .doc or .docx.

Essays: No longer than 1,200 words. Please send your work as a .doc or .docx.

Simultaneous submissions accepted. Just let us know if someone else gets their paws on it before we do.

No previously published work. However, if the work was published on a blog or other self-posted medium, it is absolutely welcomed.

Badlung Press can’t pay contributors right now, but accepted authors will receive a copy of the completed book.

Send your work to Please include a brief bio with any relevant social media links.






In this technological age, the outward facing self is a constructed image, carefully curated to display only that aesthetic information we deem worthy of public consumption. What is to be done of the remains? The loneliness of obfuscation has devised a phenomena exclusive to this cultural moment: a slew of social media accounts restricted, but semipermeable. A public form of private, the intersection of the realms and what comes of it. Human beings have kept records of self since the invention of writing, but never have these intimacies been shared to such a degree. Mental illness, questions of the body, relationship woes, and the social taboos we dare not speak aloud. In the age of our greatest connection, our selves are the most selectively redacted. But in these unfiltered digital spaces, difficult realities find safe haven. 

We give you now that honesty. 


For queries and questions, please drop a line to



Pornography is a subjective term. We fear and desire that which we do not know and find a sexual gratification in understanding. This anthology collects together the provocative, the political, and the shocking, presenting these in a physical reading experience you yourself become the voyeur, peeking through narrow windows into bigger pictures, exploring the relationships derived between framework and subject matter.

This anthology was created in collaboration with Hostile Sphere Press and the Poetry International Chapbook Series.

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About the Press

Badlung Press is a punch to the chest that knocks the wind out of you. 

We are a micro-press publishing chapbooks and anthologies, specializing in meticulous aesthetics and small press runs. We're particularly interested in works exploring human trauma, the things hard to talk about and often harder to write. Through this, we open a dialogue, encourage an intake of breath. 

At its core, Badlung Press is a collaboration. We seek to consort with poets, writers, other presses, and artists of all walks to produce direct arterial injections of the transformative.  

Submissions are open for the latest offering, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog. Keep breathing.