In this technological age, the outward facing self is a constructed image, carefully curated to display only that aesthetic information we deem worthy of public consumption. What is to be done of the remains? The loneliness of obfuscation has devised a phenomena exclusive to this cultural moment: a slew of social media accounts restricted, but semipermeable. A public form of private. Human beings have kept records of self since the invention of writing, but never has there been such a degree of sharing these intimacies. Mental illness, relationship woes, and the social taboos we dare not speak aloud. In the age of our greatest connection, our selves are the most selectively redacted. But in these unfiltered digital spaces, difficult realities find safe haven. 

We give you now that honesty. 


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Pornography is a subjective term, and taboo is all a matter of perspective. We fear and desire that which we do not know and find a sexual gratification in understanding. This anthology collects together the provocative, political, and shocking, presenting them in a physical reading experience where you yourself become the titular voyeur, peeking through narrow windows into bigger pictures.

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This anthology was created in collaboration with Hostile Sphere Press and the Poetry International Chapbook Series.

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About the Press

Badlung Press is a punch to the chest that knocks the wind out of you. 

We are a micro-press publishing chapbooks and anthologies, specializing in meticulous aesthetics and small press runs. We're particularly interested in works exploring human trauma, the things hard to talk about and often harder to write. Through this, we open a dialogue, encourage an intake of breath. 

At its core, Badlung Press is a collaboration. We seek to consort with poets, writers, other presses, and artists of all walks to produce direct arterial injections of the transformative.  

Submissions open again soon. Keep breathing.