Land of DIS

A meditation on disassociation using the figure of a human being distressed in forms of repetition and abstraction. The books evoke a sense of disorientation, displacement, and disjointment, reflecting the emotions experienced during disassociative episodes.

Set of three books presented in a slipcase: leporello, stacked folio, flag. Prints created using pochoir, archival ink, salt dyeing, and fountain pen on Canson classic cream drawing paper.



List of Terrorist Incidents

A visual archive of modern terrorism as documented on the Wikipedia page of the same name, mimicking the dehumanizing effects of data aggregation. Front matter features list of terrorist incidents exactly as the data is presented on Wikipedia. Back matter features list of names of 9/11 victims interposed with victims of terrorist incidents in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Pull tabs feature select individual instances of terrorism.

Set of two leporello volumes in German case bindings. Digitally printed on Canson heavyweight cardstock. Bound in 40 grit sandpaper. A future edition bound in gunpowder is planned.




A brief history of Jewish dental gold stolen by the Nazis during the years of the Holocaust, presented as a gold brick. Text interpolated from History of Nazi Dental Gold by Riaud X paired with images of the Warsaw ghetto from the IWM Scharf Rafael Felix Collection.

Stacked folio contained in a chitzu. Digitally print and paint marker on Canson classic cream drawing paper. Bound in gold metallic cardstock. Digitization in progress.